Money for designers

How much money do designers (and creative professionals) make? According to the Coroflot Design Salaray Guide, design managers and interaction designers make more money than architects and graphic designers, in particular, in North American cities and other international cities. One way to make more money is, I believe, to put some academic flavor. Here is…


Body-oriented course for business students

My business school, Kookmin University, offers an interesting course called 3C Seminar (Confidence, Competence, and Challenge) to undergraduate students. In this course, students do not read textbooks. Instead, they sing and dance with others and then stage their performances at the end of the semester. Although this body-oriented course has a relatively short history, it will help them be more creative as well as be more cooperative, which hopefully leads them to be more competitive in the long run. Here are a few video clips of the performances which I enjoyed very much.


Audiovisual performance @ KGIT

After finishing a talk at the New Media party in the KGIT (Korea German Institute of Technology), I had a chance to enjoy a performance conducted by two students, Wonki Jung and Jinpoong Lee. When they created sound, a visual pattern was generated by the computer.


[Student] Design plans by business students

Eight groups of the business students in my Design Management course presented their design plans. In the course, they studied Product Design and Development using the book written by Ulrich and Eppinger. They brought up a wide variety of consumer/user needs and addressed the needs in fresh ways.