Design Thinking

New Product Development  

  • This course introduces how designers, engineers, and marketers work together to create a new product. It covers the basic process and a wide variety of tools cross-functional teams use collaboratively. This course is designed to provide students with competence with a set of tools, awareness of the role of multiple functions, and ability to coordinate multiple and interdisciplinary tasks to achieve a common objective.
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Marketing CommunicationDML_Rory Sutherland @ Ted

  • This course examines the range of communications tools and options available for marketers to develop an integrated marketing communications perspective. It focuses on planning, integrating, and delivering marketing communications that build equity for brands. By the end of this course, students will be able to describe an overall communication process and explain the objectives of a marketing campaign. More importantly, students as a group perform a “commercial renewal project.” In this project, students select a recent TV commercial for a global brand and then make a new one by sharpening its marketing message, selecting different targets, or suggesting a more persuasive idea.
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Jaewoo Joo | design thinking, behavioral economics, new product development, new product adoption