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No skinny jeans, no skinny cans

DML_HK Fashion (1)Skinny means very thin or unusually slender. Although it is a highly popular word, marketers avoid it but label their “sassier” products differently because the word, skinny, reinforces the stereotypes of women and body images. Interestingly, some items go for skinnier whereas others do not.


Fashion items want to be skinnier. According to J. Crew Sells “Toothpick” Jeans, Because Skinny Jeans Just Weren’t Body-Negative Enough, ” J. Crew has sensed that a lot of women are pretty over the use of the word skinny to sell everything from highly unhealthy, chemical-filled cocktails to stretch denims or it’s just an err in advertising. This clothier found that skinny jeans are not skinny enough and chosen “toothpick” to label their slimmest line of jeans.



This is not the case for the beverage items. Pepsi introduced a skinny can in 2011 at New York’s Fashion Week. According to the Diet Pepsi ‘skinny’ can stirs up big controversy, Jill Beraud, chief marketing officer for PepsiCo said in a statement, “Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks, and we’re excited to throw its coming-out party during the biggest celebration of innovative design in the world.” Unfortunately, it was blamed for offensiveness immediately. Within a few months, Pepsi launches new fatter skinny cans in aftermath of controversy. It fattened up its diet skinny can “with a redesign that aims, perhaps, to distance itself from a controversy that bubbled up earlier this year.”


Shopping experience at fashion store

Since fashion stores offer a wide range of clothing, they are often full of dust. I find many visitors leave stores because their eyes turn red. I recently found a fashion store with low dust level. Differently from other stores, it hung the whole clothing over the ground and maintained the floor clean. It was very comfortable for me to stay inside, I ended up buying a few jackets and, more importantly, I want to revisit this store. When the store is dust free, more visitors stay longer and they may spend more.


DML_shopping 2

Should we go noisy or quiet when exporting goods?


People like imported goods. Some like them so much that they even pick up the old license plates and place them outside their buildings for an aesthetic reason. (Note that this tiny run-down building is located in the center of Seoul and must have nothing to do with Nebraska or Iowa)


Imported goods are welcomed in particular when exporting countries are highly qualified. This, so called, COO (Country Of Origin) effect is well established for Germany, France and Japan. Recently, I found that Canada Goose is also enjoying the same effect. It is a popular fashion brand designed for extreme cold weather conditions. According to my undergraduate students, Canada Goose is hugely popular because it is made in Canada not in US, Russia or China. They particularly love its huge label saying “Canada Goose Arctic Program.”

Differently from Canada Goose, M0851, another successful Canadian fashion brand says nothing about Canada. Although it started in Montreal and seems to be well established in Canada, it has no clue about where it comes from. One Canadian fashion brand speaks loudly, while the other keeps silent about where it was born. Interestingly, they both run business well.

Canada Goose LabelM0851