Secret for home deco store


When consumers shop for home decorators, they often find it difficult to imagine how a space looks like if they buy and display specific items. Unfortunately, many typical home deco stores do not take into this issue seriously but take an easy or “analytic” approach: they simply pile up the whole decorators and categorize them by chairs, tables, and lighting (above).

However, up-scale home deco stores take a relatively demanding or “holistic” approach. Ando, for example, is divided into several sections. In this store, only a few items are selectively displayed that go well with the theme of each section. When a section represents a single-person studio, for instance, it has a desk, a chair, a mirror, and a hanger (below). Such a holistic approach relieves consumers’ mental burden, which in turn leads them to pay more in the store (see other examples in the IKEA or read a relevant article on designer vs. consumer).

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