Dessert design workshop @ Cognitive Science 2013

20130525_Dessert 11At the Korean Cognitive Science conference on May 25, 2013, Soren Petersen and I ran a workshop called “Design Tasty Dessert: The Art of Firing All The Five Senses!” In this workshop, we wanted to go beyond presenting our research projects; instead, we wanted to have some fun and creative experience with participants. Therefore, we asked participants to come up with as many creative dessert ideas as they could and then chose one to present. In order to help them to enjoy the workshop as well as to enjoy their own creativity, we provided them with a piece of chocolate, a piece of brown cake, a strawberry, a mandarin, and a cubic of cheese in the beginning of the workshop.

Surprisingly, some participants generated creative dessert recipes by utilizing typical food items such as banana, strawberry, raspberry, peach, ice cream, and chocolate (see the hat (above) and the peach hand (below)).

20130525_Dessert 12

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