The story behind the brand is more powerful than the brand itself

I was not initially attracted by the Touch Wood phone made by NTT DoCoMo. However, an ad introduced by the Core 77 website changed my view. In the ad, a wooden ball plays Cantata 147 as it rolls down the wooden xylophone in the forest. Interestingly, I became more engaged with the phone after watching the “making film” or the video about how the ad was shoot  (

People seem to like a brand more strongly when they are informed with the story behind the brand. The story behind the brand could be either about the ad (e.g., NTT DoCoMo) or about the manufacturing process (e.g., Apple Watch Gold). 

If the story behind the brand can enhance the brand image, sharing typical marketing tasks or design tasks (e.g., meeting, planning, working hard, manufacturing, sales, etc.) with customers will be able to improve sales or market shares.

2 thoughts on “The story behind the brand is more powerful than the brand itself”

  1. 저 광고가 멋진 면도 있는데, 한편으로는 저 우드폰을 만들기 위해서 수 많은 나무가 잘려나갈 것이고, 어쩌면 광고 속 배경에 있는 저 나무들이 바로 그 대상이 될 수 있다는 생각에 안타까움마저 들기도 하는데…내가 좀 부정적이었나? 재우야 ^^
    (이거 한글로 써도 재우가 볼 수 있나?)

  2. Joongjae brother!

    Long time no see. Hope everything goes well with you. We definitely need to reconnect.

    I agree with you about the TV commercial when you watch it without seeing the other video. I recommend you to watch the other video. Then, you find that the materials for the wood phone are probably very different than the trees in the commercial.

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