Car shaped ski lift

DML_VW Tiguan

DML_VW Tiguan

DML_VW Tiguan

There is nothing much skiers can do while they are sitting on the lift. Although some chat with other skiers sitting next to them or make/receive a few phone calls, others keep quiet and desperately search for something to kill their about ten-minute boredom.

I have met an interesting OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising at Yongpyong, a Korean ski resort. The marketers of the Tiguan at the Volkswagen made its back side using paper and then attached it to the lift. Most skiers including me who take this lift cannot help but look at the rear side of this car for over ten minutes until they get off the lift and hit the slope. Cutting/painting papers like a car may not cost much but doing so seems to work; I now become very familiar with this car, at least, its back side! 🙂

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