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Yido, a modern Korean pottery

Yido is one of the most widely-known premium pottery brands in Korea. It was found by Yi, Yoonshin, a ceramic artist. As introduced in her website, her work “reinterprets traditional Korean ceramics in refined contemporary design.” However, visiting Yido’s flagship store taught me a few “marketing” lessons how she has successfully established herself in the market.

First, she listens to market. Recently, Yido launches a new collection called Cera/Mano. Differently from other collections which has four pieces of each bowl/dish for a family of four, this newly launched collection has only one piece of each item for a single house owner.



Second, she looks more than product. In the four-story flagship store, only one store is used to sell ceramic-wares. In the other stores, a Italian restaurant, a brunch cafe, a ceramic academy, and a art and living store run.

I wish other ceramic designers also learn these marketing lessons so that they become market-savvy designers.