How to light an incense without match?

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is a creative hub in Taipei, Taiwan. It organizes art events, displays creative goods, and sells design items.     An incense attracted my attention. Although I like candles and incenses (e.g., red rose scents of Jo Malone and burning sound of Wood Wick), lighting them gives me a headache.…


Sound from the wood wick candle

When we buy candles, we generally consider how they look or how they smell. Therefore, most candle makers carve their candles artistically or add scents to the candle waxes (e.g., Red Roses of Jo Malone). However, some candle makers pay attention to a different aspect of candle: wick. A candle wick is usually a braided…


Audiovisual performance @ KGIT

After finishing a talk at the New Media party in the KGIT (Korea German Institute of Technology), I had a chance to enjoy a performance conducted by two students, Wonki Jung and Jinpoong Lee. When they created sound, a visual pattern was generated by the computer.