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Hibi lights like a match and burns like incense

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is a creative hub in Taipei, Taiwan. It organizes art events, displays creative goods, and sells design items.

An incense attracted my attention. Although I like candles and incenses (e.g., red rose scents of Jo Malone and burning sound of Wood Wick), lighting them is a headache. I found a creative solution at the park. A Japanese incense called Hibi is a match itself and produces fragrance for about 10 minutes. According to the website, this 10 minutes aroma has an interesting behind story.

It all started with the encounter of two traditional industries: incense of Awaji Island and matches of Harima. These two traditional industries of Hyogo Prefecture first encountered each other in 2011. The collaboration started with the idea of an incense that could be lit like striking a match and was followed by 3 years of trial and error, an aromatic product with properties of strength and fragrance was developed, which did not break even when struck like a match… The name of products and packaging were developed to convey the sensibility of today’s Japan. All those things were ‘designed’ to create a new way of enjoying fragrance.

Engineering smells of childhood memories

DML_Project Naeum

I visited an interesting exhibition. It was held by the Naeum, a project group of eight people who study fragrance for empathy. Differently from others interested in developing fancy and welcoming odors, they try to create a wide variety of unique smells and then enjoy them with others. In this exhibition, they introduced a series of uniquely engineered smells that evoke specific childhood memories such as a handful wood, sense of sunshine, cut grass, decay, and painkiller, to name a few. I smelled all; some made me smile and others made me frown. However, these odors called upon my childhood memories vividly. In fact, Play Doh Cologne spray does same to many.

This exhibition was divided into multiple sections. In each section, a word or sentence was written on the wall and multiple white-colored ceramic bars were located underneath. These white bars gave off a specific odor which associates the meaning of the word. For instance, the white bars located under the “sense of sunshine” smelled like the detergents or newly washed clothes.

Among many sections, I enjoyed the “nervous” one the most. It rejuvenated my experience of the dental clinic through cross modal cues (picture). In this section, I sniffed its unique odors from the white bars, I looked at the green operating gown and shiny dental instruments, and I listened to the grinding sound from the speakers all together. I learned that carefully planned and well balanced multi-modal stimuli can make people time travel (see more info at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory).