Design Thinking: David Kelley + Roger Martin

David Kelley, the president of the IDEO, visited Toronto and talked with Roger Martin, the former dean of Rotman School of Management, under the title of unleashing the creative potential within us all.

He started his speech saying that his life long question is how to innovate routinely. He suggests we need three things: creative confidence, guided mastery, and design thinking. First, creative confidence (or self efficacy proposed by Bandura) helps us to go beyond inside-the-box thinking. Next, guided mastery (or a series of small successes) is needed for generated wild ideas not to lose their flames. Finally, design thinking (or mindful or open-mind attitude) enables us to try something new, in particular when we work with others.



He also emphasized the importance of empathic observation by presenting a few real projects that his employees/students conducted. For example, his team investigated how to help K-12 students in California eat more healthy food. The most important finding was that lunch is not just about food but more like a social activity for kids. Therefore, his team proposed games so that kids play together, come back to the table and sit down together, and then eat vegetables together. This activity led kids to eat more vegetables.


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