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New product project: Tumbler with a sugar indicator / Sticky toilet seat cover

Two groups of the students who took the course, Design Marketing 2013 Fall, made their interesting presentations.



1. SugaVoid (made By Geon Lee, Minhyeong Park, Minji Hwang, Donggyu Jung, and Jiyun Kim)


Problem: WHO(world health organization) suggests that sugar intake should be less than 50g for adults and less than 35g for kids. However, since students drink about 2 cans of soft drinks a day, consuming 50g of sugar, and then intake additional sugar from other foods, they usually go beyond the recommended amount of sugar per day.  The students took research of 25 randomly selected people and found that people are willing to adjust the amount of sugar that they take when they recognize that they are taking too much sugar. How do they help people notice how much sugar they take a day?

Solution: They propose a tumbler called SugaVoid which measures and indicates how much sugar is included in the liquid. In particular, it indicates the amount of sugar visually (sugar cubes) rather than verbally (grams) and communicates this information with other applications to help consumers keep track of and their sugar consumption.



2. Sticover (made by By Jihwan Hong, Seorin Jeong, Jaemyun Park, Ikhwan Kim, and Seunghye Ryu)


Problem: People desire to use clean toilets in public spaces. However, the market does not satisfy rapidly growing customer needs of hygiene.

Solution: They propose a sticky toilet seat cover called Sticover. In the present, competitors focus on either price or comfortableness. For example, Hyzen and Cleancover are relatively easy to use but expensive, whereas Sanicool is cheap but uncomfortable. Their proposed Sticover is not only comfortable but also reasonably priced. It specifically targets the business owners who want to provide clean experience to their customers. They consider conducting a cost leadership strategy with other 4p marketing mix, and position sticover as a mandatory item.