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Commercial renewal project: Snickers



Snickers introduced a Korean TV commercial in 2011. In this commercial, a famous female singer behaves in a strange way until when she eats snickers. This commercial delivered a single, global message of snickers, that is, you are not you when you are hungry. Although the TV commercial is consistent with the global marketing campaign, it may fail to ring the bell for those who have not been exposed to snickers commercials in the past. Therefore, we changed this commercial by saying that when eating snickers, people satisfy their hungers instantly without wasting time. More specifically, we compare two students in our new commercial. One student eats snickers and the other does not when they commute to schools or when they study in the library. We make this commercial because contemporary college students have no time to sit down and eat lunch.



Written by Junghoon Kim, Nathan Martin, Jinjoo Park, Hansol Park, and Subin Bae | Marketing Communication 2016 Fall | College of Business Administration, Kookmin University