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How can we avoid bike theft?

In Shenzhen, China, people ride bicycles almost for free because bicycle sharing companies such as Ofo (yellow) and Mobike (orange) compete each other aggressively. Numerous brand new bicycles are poured on a daily basis.



Using bicycle sharing system is very convenient. I subscribed Mobike. There is no parking station. Instead, I use app to search for available bicycles. I scan its QR code to unlock or lock it up. When I finish trip, I park it almost anywhere I want. A truck probably collects bicycles at night. New bicycles stand at bus stops or subway stations in the morning.



Certainly, aggressive competition raises problems – some bicycles are broken, others are dirty, and the others are even dumped out in the woods (I do not know why).

However, the same competition solves a challenging problem that other bicycle friendly cities have not figured out yet: bicycle theft. Bicycles are for free in this city. No one is interested in owning or stealing bicycles. A sharing economy, when it truly comes true, could change how we think and act.