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Break: take a rest vs. get inspired

We need breaks from our everyday work. Although they have a single objective, breaks have at least two different forms. For instance, some of my friends want to take a rest without having interactions with others. They turn off mobile phones, go to an all-inclusive hotel, and then spend time on doing nothing but reading casual books. Differently from these tranquil seekers, others want to get inspired by having more interactions with new things or strangers. They go to a city and then eat a wide variety of local food, visit museums and shops, and do not sleep at night but enjoy nightlife. They do many things.

Interestingly, my Asian friends tend to prefer the former option, taking a rest, probably because they are overwhelmed by meetings and schedules. In contrast, my European friends want to get inspired by exposing themselves with diverse stimulation probably because their everyday work is stable. There is a chance that the way I separate my friends or the way I understand their works is biased. However, what is important is that we need quality breaks to see the big picture of our everyday work. I recommend you to go to Vietnam and take a rest at an all inclusive resort at Da Nang and then have one-day local tour at Hoi An!


DML_Hoi An_Bobo