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Man-made sky – Do you feel like you are in Italy?

Macau has many tourist spots including Senado Square and Ruins of St. Pauls. However, I enjoyed a shopping district at The Venetian Macau the most. As the name suggests, a man-made Italian city exists in the hotel.



When I first entered this district, something unnatural grabbed my attention; canal is narrow, floor is shiny, and lights are bright. These are clearly different from what I saw or expected in Venice.

However, about 30 minutes later, I saw myself paying attention to something good: cool air, blue sky, and sailor’s singing a song. Then, it did not take more than an hour to feel like I was in Venice. I was surprised by how soon I became immersed with a fake world or, more precisely, a human-made store environment (probably because some people took a ride on the gondola?).



As many of us live in cities, we are often surrounded by human-made environments. What if our thoughts and behaviors are dictated by artificial environment?




People enjoy artificial products

20130606_Ran @ Kyunggi (2)

Most urban dwellers want authentic, natural goods. Unfortunately, growing plants or baking breads requires a significant amount of effort. Therefore, they often buy or enjoy artificial ones instead.

20130620_@ Paris Croissant

Some artificial products are so carefully crafted that people misjudge them as the real one (See the real frozen beer (left) and its imitation (right) at the Kirin Ichiban popup store).

20130621_@ Kirin Ichibang (1)  20130621_@ Kirin Ichibang (2)

In general, artificial products look perfect. For example, artificial plants are super green, artificial breads are nicely baked, and artificial beer has an adequate amount of cream. When people are exposed to these artificial products too much, they might take for granted that they can enjoy the best moment of life without investing effort in achieving it.