Commercial renewal project: Corona



The Corona brand is associated with relaxation and a temporary escape from stress. The original commercial attempts to show that through a man and a woman relaxing on an exotic, white sand beach somewhere in Mexico. The original ad does not seem to capture the product’s target market and fails to depict how everyday consumers can enjoy the product.

After watching the original commercial, we decided to change a couple of points. The cast that we included in our ad change attempts to better portray the profile of Corona’s target market. Not only do men account for over 80% of the product’s consumption, but Corona also attempts to target middle to high class males between the ages of 21-35 who lead professional or semi-professional lifestyles; we tried to capture this customer profile in our ad.

We also wanted to incorporate a sporting aspect into our ad because we think it’ll help us better communicate our message and better resonate with the product’s target market. Corona is associated with many sporting events, and can frequently be seen sponsoring events such as the US LPGA tour (golf), NASCAAR, and multiple soccer teams.

Finally, the scene of two coworkers playing basketball after a stressful day of work and relaxing on the bench while drinking a cold beer portrays the message that simply finding the time to relax with friends while drinking Corona can make you feel like you’re on vacation. We believe that most people will have a feeling of familiarity to a situation like this compared to relaxing on an exotic beach.


Written by Hyungjoon Kim, Dohoon Lee, Mina Cho, Padiya Edwardo, and Furusoba Michaela | Marketing Communication 2016 Fall | College of Business Administration, Kookmin University