New product project: Stain free

“Stain Free” gives a proactive solution for those who concern about makeup stain on the clothes while getting dressed and undressing the clothes. It is portable silicon collar made from organic material so there should be no harm on the skin. Customers will put “Stain Free” on the collar of her or his clothes before getting dressed and undressing so it prevents the stain. After using “Stain Free”, customers will be able to easily remove the stain on the product, so they can use the product in a clean condition as frequently as they need.

NPD_Stain freeAlthough Make up stain is classified into temporary stains, it is still hard to be removed as cosmetic is composed with complex chemicals. We have found many people online looking for reactive solutions to remove the makeup stain and sharing the solutions with others. After surveying 70 women, we have realized that every one of them has experienced makeup stain on the shirt and they wished they had a product that can prevent. Out of all the opportunities we have come up with, “Stain Free” was evaluated by RWW Chart as the most feasible with the greatest competitive advantages and it was financially prospective. However, the result was not over “108”, therefore we were still required to improve our opportunity based on the customer’s need. We found the product called “Face Cover” as our potential competitor. However, we also found a number of disadvantages of the product from the reviews on the internet as well as the 1 on 1 interview we conducted. As well, we have drawn a couple of personas with two different life-styles in order to figure out how “Stain Free” will adapt on our customer’s daily life. Eventually, it was clear to see that customers demand the convenient, market available, and affordable product.

Based on the insight we have examined earlier, we improved a number of attributes of our product such as materials, design and the ways of distribution etc By writing HOQ, we were finally able to specify the product and also generated a number of concepts of our product to meet our customer’s needs. We have selected the product made from silicon as our ultimate concept after evaluating 3 different concepts with Pugh Matrix and we expect see our annual revenue over $113,400.


Written by Seunghyun Yoon, Sooyoen Lee, Yurim Lee, and Mohammed | New Product Development 2016 Spring | College of Business Administration, Kookmin University