Commercial renewal project: New Balance Cameraman

New Balance released a TV commercial in October 2015 to introduce its premium jacket line called Cameraman. According to the website, this premium jacket was inspired by the jacket of professional cameraman who is shooting in extreme cold weather and harsh circumstances. As such, this well-made TV commercial spotlights on a male professional photographer who has a Canadian, Vancouver, background. Although it delivers the concept of the newly introduced jacket very clearly, it does not seem to resonate with general public who are interested in a highly functional jacket but do not always bring their DSLR cameras with them to take pictures seriously.

We change the New Balance Cameraman TV commercial by changing the target market. The main message of our new TV commercial is that Cameraman is no more than a name of a new jacket, and everyone can enjoy it. We broaden the target market by ending our TV commercial with “he is not a camera man, IT’S cameraman.”


Produced by Yoonseung Kim, Hyunjae Kim, Jungwoon Park, Jongjoo Park, and Nayoung Eum | Marketing Communication | College of Business Administration, Kookmin University


New Balance