People buy gas in an empty Absolut Vodka bottle

Absolut Vodka has offered many artists with a wide variety of collaboration opportunities. Now it has a long list of colors and shapes with much artistic flavour. Recently, it even introduced Absolut Colors saying that;

We are proud to once again dress our iconic bottle in the pride flag, originally designed by San Francisco-based artist Gilbert Baker in 1977, just before Absolut Vodka was born. For Absolut, we believe in the right to expression yourself in any way possible, which includes being able to love whomever you want to love. Creativity has always been at the core for Absolut, and diversity go hand in hand with that. A world where everybody is the same would not be any fun at all, but rather a quite boring place. That’s why Absolut is happy to have been celebrating a colorful world ever since 1979.

Interestingly, motor cyclists in Bali buy “petrols” in the Absolut Vodka bottles. These original bottles are prototype and seem to be the most appealing to many people there.