At the first there was drive-me-to card

DML_Bangkok Taxi (1) DML_Bangkok Taxi (2)

[dt_gap height=”10″ /]Using taxi is tough where its fare has been traditionally determined by negotiation (e.g., Tuk tuk in Thailand). Even when the taxi driver turns on the meter, foreigners sometimes arrive at a wrong destination because they cannot speak local language. In order to relieve these concerns from the international travelers, some Bangkok hotels provide an interesting concierge service.

When a traveler asks a hotel employee for taxi, the concierge asks where the traveler wants to go. Then he checks the destination on the list or writes it down in the bottom in English as well as in Thai. When a taxi arrives, he writes down the taxi plate number, speaks loudly to the driver the destination, and then passes the card to the traveler. Although the card plays nothing, many foreign travelers mentioned that simply keeping it with them while sitting in the taxi helps them feel safe and secure.

Alternatively, Uber now eliminates all these hassles. 🙂

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